Long ago, a man named Earendur Surion became a famed thief and pirate, a smuggler of things legal and not so legal. However, in his heart, he was a pure, good being. The light of his soul shown through acts of heroism whenever he got the chance to attempt them. However, another man by the name of Masaki Kariya, acted through deception and false-promises to build himself a "ladder" to godhood. A pyramid, of sorts, that could elevate him to that position. When Surion learned of this, he fought Kariya and defeated him, winning the hearts of all around him and the fame to last for all the generations of his children.

This... is not that story.

In his attempts, Kariya managed to attain godhood and gained abilities that eclipsed that of all he took the effort to see. He assumed the new identity befitting of his god-like status: the Devil-Lord Bael, and traveled from different dimensions, conquering them with the same name and appearance but with alternate characters. However, following suit was an equally-godly Surion, who assumed the name Creed of the Light, and helped forge champions in these realms to challenge Bael in each.

This is the story of how Kariya and Surion came to be known, vaguely, as Bael and Creed. How their exploits granted them "godhood", and the ability to influence trillions of people all around reality. This is the Birth of Gods.

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