War has shattered the world time and time again; waged brother against brother and friend against friend. Blood has been spilled countless times all in the name of "land" and "power". Dark times are falling upon the world... but for how much longer? The Senju, the Uchiha and the Uzumaki take the reigns as some of the strongest clans in the world. New allies are made and friends are lost... this is Naruto: Path of our Heroes!

—Tagline of Naruto: Path of our Heroes.

Naruto: Path of our Heroes (ナルト 経路の勇士, NARUTO: Keiro no Yūshi) is a prequel to the series Naruto and Naruto: Shippūden, written by Masashi Kishimoto. A series of collective works written by the community, the project was started by Hohenheim of Light. The series follows the tale of not one single hero, but many heroes and villains from a time before even the First Shinobi World War and leads up to the inevitable establishment of the Five Great Nations.

Plot Edit

Advances for land have slowly began by both the Uchiha and Senju clans, sparking major conflicts between them and any clans who affiliate with them. Extreme measures have been taken by some clans, forcing an abrupt change of allegiance or even a complete massacre of some clans. Hashirama Senju has proposed a peace treaty with the war-driven Madara Uchiha to no avail. Meanwhile, in the Land of Earth the final tailed beast has yet to been captured by Hashirama: the Five-Tails. Going wild throughout the Earth country, the Five-Tails has managed to devastate several large clans on it's rampage.

Several other countries are also making a strive for growth and advancement, seeking out clan support for major supplies and other necessities. Battles have recently begun breaking out in an effort to take control of major trade routes and ports all across the world; controlling trade brings power in this world.

Meanwhile, in the northeast, the Land of Iron that once sat barren and void of life has begun housing a new syndicate of beings who have dubbed themselves the samurai.

Chapters Edit

Name Synopsis Major characters Status
The Path of our Heroes More soon... Hashirama Senju
Keigai Uzumaki
Madara Uchiha

Major Characters Edit

Name Clan Status Base of Operations
Madara Uchiha Uchiha clan Active East of the Land of Fire
Hashirama Senju Senju clan Active North of the Land of Fire
Keigai Uzumaki Uzumaki clan Active Land of Whirlpools

Major Clans Edit

Clan Name Power Leader Status Base of Operations
Uchiha clan 5 Madara Uchiha Active East of the Land of Fire
Senju clan 5 Hashirama Senju Active North of the Land of Fire
Uzumaki clan 5 Keigai Uzumaki Active Land of Whirlpools
Ikari clan 3 Unnamed clan leader Extinct Northern Outskirts of the Land of Fire
Hazure clan 3 Unnamed clan leader Active Land of Whirlpools
Saika clan 3 Shigeoki Suzuki Active Southern Land of Lightning
Tamura clan 3 Isao Tamura Active Land of Earth
Kuebiko clan 3 Daruma Kuebiko Active Land of Lightning
Suzuki clan 3 Kentarō Suzuki Active Land of Fire
Shiratori clan 3 Daisuke's grandfather Extinct Land of Water
Kaigan clan 3 Unnamed clan leader Active Land of Water

Geography Edit

Map of War

Click to enlarge the image.

  • Land of Fire: One of the larger countries, the Land of Fire is known for it's constant sunshine and good temperature. A major sight for war due to its position at the center of the other countries, the Land of Fire also serves as a sight of war between the Uchiha and the Senju.
  • Land of Earth: Another one of the larger countries, the Land of Earth houses several clans who detest both the Uchiha and the Senju, although they are currently in negotiations for a peace treaty. Currently dealing with a rampaging tailed beast: the Five-Tails.
  • Land of Water: A small port country that hasn't faced the full blunt of wars like the other countries have. A group of Swordsman currently guard the island country, protecting it from anyone who threatens the populace.
  • Land of Lightning: A powerful country that has already established multiple villages throughout it's entire landscape, the Land of Lightning has made allies with the Uzumaki although no formal alliance has been made.
  • Land of Wind: A desolate country with a very small nomadic population located towards the center. The deserts are incredibly harsh and most clans do not go past the borders, in fear of the harsh desert terrain.

Missions/Battles Edit

These missions and battles are some "guidelines" for those who want to start up their Roleplay. Simply leave a message on the talk page and find somebody to Roleplay with. More missions will be added as we go on.

  • Escort a Noble through the Land of Earth, one party must intercept the escorting party and take out the Noble.
  • Take control of a portion of the Land of Fire
  • Take control of a portion of the Land of Lightning
  • Negotiate with the Land of Water
  • Search for the Five-Tails & Seal it/Capture it and return back to Hashirama Senju (Reserved for affiliates of the Senju clan only)

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