The clock ticks backwards for the briefest of moments, allowing us to take a look into the past that shaped the world into what it is now. As discord spreads throughout the world, we glance at how the shinobi of old handled similar events, hoping to learn from their failures.

—Tagline of Naruto: The Second War.


Cover art of Naruto: The Second War.

Naruto (ナルト, Naruto; romanized as NARUTO in Japan) is an ongoing manga series authored by Masashi Kishimoto that has appeared in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since November 1999. This particular fanon spin-off - written in the form of a series of journal entries - titled Naruto: The Second War (ナルト裏話, "Naruto: Niban Kōsen" in Japanese), follows the lives of various individuals in the shinobi world during the Second Shinobi World War. What shall be uncovered from the aforementioned entries? The answer awaits you... in The Second War!

Characters Edit

Note: Not all characters will be listed, as there are simply too many to name. Only the characters that are important to the story shall be listed below.

Leaders Edit

Shinobi Edit

More soon...

Plot Edit

As the Second Shinobi World War is fast approaching, animosity - as well as fear - continues to build on the opposing sides. Eventually, the build-up becomes too heavy, causing an Iwagakure shinobi out on patrol to accidentally kill a child from Sunagakure, having believed it to be an enemy ninja from a distance. Once news of the child's murder reaches Sunagakure, the kazekage declares war upon Iwagakure, which in turn brings its neighboring countries into the mix. Soon, all of the Five Great Nations are at ends with one another. What will be the outcome of this war? Only in The Second War can you hope to know.

Journal entries Edit

More soon...

Behind the scenes Edit

The author chose to have The Second War take place during the Second Shinobi World War because of the limited background Kishimoto has shared with us on it. As such, please do not regard this story as canon, as it most certainly isn't so.

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