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February 2013 - Yōichi Uzumaki
Aha = Badass

Yōichi Uzumaki (洋一うずまき, Uzumaki Youichi) is an ANBU Captain taken right out of the Konoha Academy, seen at the young age of nine as already fit to become one of Village Elite. He stands beside the Godaime Hokage as her most trusted operative, second only to the standing ANBU Commander. His codename is Bat (かくいどり, Kakuidori). He is one of the last Uzumaki still alive, having been born in the Land of Hot Water and orphaned due to the Fourth Shinobi War. At the age of four he first began training to become a shinobi, but before the year could finish his parents were ruthlessly killed by the actions of Madara Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, and the Allied Shinobi Nations. For the next five years the child roamed the Land of Fire, his stealth and ninja-mind ascending throughout the years of solitude. At nine he was identified by ANBU Border Patrol and recognized for his innate potential and heritage...

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Committing a Sin. An easy task for all of man and being alike. However the most difficult of tasks is an acceptance of these sins. Once you have accepted your sin, one of the thousands of burdens is lifted from your soul. Next is the forgiveness of one self. Even if others keep it in no regard. Self esteem is an importance that should not be forgotten even through the most dire of situations. As once your view of oneself has been cleansed you may lead a life of closed regret which cannot haunt you ever again.

- Jinsei[src]

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