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"These are the lands of the Natoro... You are welcome to stay as long as you like, enjoy anything the Natoro can offer... But if you step over the line a single time, if we see even so much of a threatening look your throat will be ripped out and fed to you immediately... That being said... Enjoy your stay"
— Natoro Guard

Natoro Clan
Natoro Clan Symbol
Name Natoro Clan
Kekkei Genkai Tongue of the Beasts
Hidden Techniques Essence of the Beasts


The powerful Natoro Clan was the force behind the founding of Kemonogakure in the Land of Beasts. The Natoro have always prided themselves with their closeness to animals, saying "only the true greats are allowed to hold the heart of the beast without being bitten." The Natoro grew along with Kemonogakure, their histories are one and the same.


The Natoro are generally a happy people, often found smiling and laughing with various animals at their sides. Even in times of war, the Natoro have always managed a smile. While they do experience grief and sadness, they simply believe that it is better to "wash one's hands with happiness." Much of the happiness comes from the use of the Clan Kekkei Genkai, the Tongue of Beasts, which enables the bearer to communicate with beasts of any sort either verbally or mentally. Every member of the Clan possesses this Kekkei Genkai and due to this on missions they often spoke to each other in the language of their animal of preference to prevent orders from being intercepted by spies of opposing forces.

Member AppearanceEdit

The dominant hair color of the Natoro is a deep black, although the occasional blondes and reds have been known to appear. The Natoro themselves vary greatly from member to member in terms of physical appearance, some are towering giants while others stand far below average height. The Natoro tend to have physical builds similar to that of their "animal of preference".

Kekkei GenkaiEdit

The Kekkei Genkai of the Natoro Clan is the amazing "Tongue of the Beasts" which enables every member to communicate with any animal of any species either mentally or verbally. While it is possible to establish a mental link with animals to communicate silently using the Tongue, either a close bond must exist or the animal must initiate the communication and due to this every clan member forms a close bond with their "animal of preference" in order to make mental communication possible.

While the Tongue of Beasts has many uses that range from spying to battle applications, by far the most beneficial of all the uses is allowing the bearer to make use of the Hiden Technique of the Natoro: Essence of the Beasts.

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