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Natoro Style: Beast Call
Beast Call
Name Natoro Style: Beast Call
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Rank C
Range All ranges
Other Jutsu

A technique devised by the Natoro to quickly call any number of useful beasts to their sides at any time, the user takes a breath and manipulates soundwaves by pushing chakra along with air through their mouth to call animals and insects from the surrounding area; due to the soundwaves being laced with the user's chakra the beasts are only attracted to whoever produces the sound. The frequency of the sound may be altered in order to attract only a certain species, cause them to gather in a specific area, and various other applications. When applied masterfully the user is able to inflict pain to an opponent by dropping the frequency to the threshold of the human ear, while the sound inflicts minimal amounts of pain on an opponent and is more suitable for a distraction or disruption, it opens the door for many soundbased genjutsu.

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