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Natoro Style: Multifarious Flame
Name Natoro Style: Multifarious Flame
Classification Offensive
Rank A
Range All ranges
Hand Seals Ox, Ram, Hare, Ox, Boar, Dog, Horse
Other Jutsu

A technique used by the Natoro to inspire fear on the battlefield, after weaving the handsigns to begin what is known as the "forming stage" the user gathers fire in the palm of their hand, in most cases, and forms an image in their mind of what they want the flame to shape in to. After a definite image has been formed the flames are thrown and they take the shape that the user desires. In the case of more experienced users, each form serves a different purpose; causing various effects and inflicting different amounts of damage. The while the user is able to mold it into any form of their choosing, the most effective forms seem to be those of animals, and while multiple users may use the same form the effects are almost certain to vary.

Marami's Forms Edit

Bat: Weakest form and smallest. Flies to the air at a speed comparable to that of the average kunai and ignites the opponent/object it first comes into contact with. Very low damage and the flames are easily extinguished, when used individually it serves best as a distraction. This form is most effective when used for swarming, producing many at once in order to inflict greater damage to the opponent. Short to mid range.

Monkey: Medium sized form, travels on either two or four legs, quick. This form is used for rapid close to mid range assaults on an opponent as the monkey is able to quickly cover short distances before detonating when it collides with an opponent or any other obstruction. Sets fire to a small area once it detonates. Short to mid range.

Ape: Larger variation of the monkey form, travels on four legs and is often used in pairs. The flames are formed so that they smoulder, leaving behind a thick black smoke in its wake. Does little to no damage and functions best when used in conjunction with the monkey form, obscuring the latter from view with its smoke. Short to mid range.

Egg: This form is roughly the size of the ape. The egg is used to attack a wide area and is best used to combat multiple opponents in a enclosed area. Thrown into the air, the egg spins rapidly and launches a large number of bats to strike a wide area before detonating. Mid range

Riniyut: Marami's most powerful form, a variation of the bat form but several times larger. Riniyut flies through the air slowly, blanketing the area below it in a smoke that induces a mix of drowsiness and nausea in those who inhale the fumes. Able to be used in a similar fashion to the egg form, Riniyut may launch bats at opponents from above before breaking down into simple flames and igniting the nearby area.

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