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Nihil Release
Name Nihil Release
Kanji 淵遁
Rōmaji Kataton
Parent jutsu Zen Sunyagan (Viper) Zen Sūnyagan
User(s) Shinja Clan Icon Shinja Clan
Nihil Release(淵遁, Kataton) is the advanced nature transformation exclusively available to wielders of the Zen Sunyagan: the second stage of the Shinja kekkei genkai. The element revolves around the Zen Sūnyagan's primary ability, Kenshō, in which rifts, leading to a pocket dimension and possessing the power to delete physical matter and capture energies are opened. As a whole, Nihil Release consists of the manipulation of this central ability, as well as techniques and applications derived from it. At present, the maximum potential of this nature transformation has yet to be revealed.

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