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Nihil Release: Blitzkrieg
Name Nihil Release: Blitzkrieg
Kanji 炎遁・電撃戦</font>
Classification New Daijagan Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu
Other Jutsu

A direct successor of the Nihil Release Armour, the Nihil Release: Blitzkrieg ninjutsu is a tactic of pure speed and offensive capability. Similiar to its predeccessor, the technique begins through interactions between the accumulated, caputured chakra within the Kyōfushō Daijagan's Ryoiki(領域, Realms) and the subsequent Kana(空穴, Voids) utilized to deliver said energies to the user. However, unlike its parent tactic, Blitzkrieg does not supersaturate the body's muscles, skin, and neural synapses with supplementary energies.

Instead, the chakra adopts the deletematter tendencies of the Kana guiding them to the immediate dimension and are then shrouded about the user in order to cast the surrounding oxygen and surface matter into the void. While this requires the user to hold his or her breath while employing the tactic, this also provides movement free of air resistance and limits the amount of repulsive forces acted upon the body when moving. In addition, Blitzkrieg can be dually layered with its parent technique, granting the user a burst of speed nearly synonymous with certain techniques of the Space-Time category.

However, the technique does weigh a heavy toll upon the user's chakra reserves. Unlike it's parent, which utilizes the Ryoiki's accumulated energies to fuel its reactions, Blitzkrieg utilizes a massive, sudden heap of the user's chakra and expends it in a matter of seconds; making the technique of the one-shot nature. In essence, an upper level user of the Blitzkrieg ninjutsu would have enough chakra to utilize the technique once, make the subsequent, high-speed manuevers, and deliver a minor technique before having his or her chakra reserves nearly completely depleted. Fortunately, like the majority of the Nihil Release's applications, this technique can be prepared unseen and makes for an exceptional tactical advantage when "spontaneously" applied.

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