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Nihil Release: Zorya
Name Nihil Release: Zorya
Kanji 淵遁・ゾーラ
Literal English Nothing Release: Cycle to Dawn
Classification Daijagan1 Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu
Rank A
Range All Ranges
Hand Seals Rat
Other Jutsu

Nihil Release: Zorya(淵遁・ゾーラ, Kataton: Zōria) is an exceptionally innovative ninjutsu that revolves around the advanced form of the Shinja Kekkei Genkai. It begins with the manipulation of existing energies within Asteria's Ryōiki, utilizing the chakra to perform ninjutsu like any other. The specified technique, for example a fireball, would be fully created within the Ryōiki and then spontaneously released upon opening a Kana near opposing forces. This grants an extreme tactical advantage, as the opponent will not be able to see, whether by using chakra sensing or the naked eye, the formation of the crafted ninjutsu and would therefore have a higher chance of falling victim to it.

Of course, there are limitations to be overcome. The Shinja must also utilize a portion of the Ryōiki's stores in order to counteract the demanding energy costs of even opening a Kana and must also remain stationary whilst the passage is open; a dangerous task when attempting to release larger techniques. In order to compensate, the technique is often utilized in the expositionary phases of battle while combatants are still a distance away from the other.

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