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Nihil Release Armour
Name Nihil Release Armour
Kanji 炎遁の鎧
Classification New Daijagan Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu
Rank A
Other Jutsu
A technique which employs the internal relationships of the Kyōfushō Daijagan's Asteria in order to drastically augment the body's physical condition. A Shinja utilizes the Nihil Release Armour (炎遁の鎧, Kataton no Yoroi) ninjutsu by first guiding the accumulated, captured chakra found within their individual Ryoiki(領域, Realms) through erected Kana(空穴, Voids). These energies are then saturated upon the user's muscles, neural synapses, and the epidermis; thus resulting in an exceptional boost in raw speed, power, and overall defensive capability of the skin. In terms of appearance, the Nihil Release Armour generally manifests itself about the user as a hazy aura of varying hue; most commonly being shades of green, blue, and purple. Surprisingly, the technique itself costs exceptionally little energy to utilize, as all that is required is the chakra to open the Kana initially; the rest being provided by the Ryoiki.

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