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Ningyō-yose atsume: Call
Name Ningyō-yose atsume: Call
Classification Offensive, Defensive
Rank S
Range Short, Mid
Hand Seals Technique Specific Seal
Other Jutsu

Ayatsuri summons his "patchwork doll" Merry to serve in battle. This summoning is performed by weaving a special hand sign in which the right hand performs part of the Boar hand seal and the left uses the left-hand side of Ram before saying the word "Merry". It has been revealed, through Heishiro's use of the technique, that saying "Merry" is unnecessary and is more like a personal quirk of Ayatsuri. Merry will then appear at either Ayatsuri's side or Heishiro's side, depending on both the user and their intent. Merry possesses her own free will and as such is able to attack and form strategies independently, she is able to use and is capable of learning new jutsu when taught. At her center she possesses an alloy that Heishiro created specifically for this purpose, the alloy allows the simulation of a chakra network by reproducing any chakra that is ran through it and allowing Merry to draw on it at will. This also enables Merry to possess up to two different Chakra Natures and she is able to "steal" these from the opponents that she faces, meaning that she is able to replicate both their chakra natures and signature in her own body if she is able to get close enough to make physical contact or comes in contact with the chakra through other means such as being hit by an opponent's ninjutsu. This replication is limited to the reproduction of chakra natures that are not the direct result of Kekkei Genkai or Kekkei Tota such as the Fire Release, Lightning Release, Water Release, etc. Currently she possesses the Fire and Wind natures, taken from Heishiro. The list of Ninjutsu that Merry is currently able to use is as follows:

Merry's skill in the use of these techniques is limited just as others are, meaning she must practice and train in order to gain increased proficiency with a technique. Due to her actually being human, albeit a dead one, Ayatsuri may choose to implant eyes that bear dojutsu if he is able to acquire such valuable commodities. At the present time that is one of his main goals, to give Merry one eye that bears the Byakugan and the other that bears the Sharingan in order to create the "perfect doll".

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