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Ningyō-yose Atsume: Dismiss
Name Ningyō-yose Atsume: Dismiss
Classification Supplementary
Rank A
Hand Seals Technique Specific Seal
Other Jutsu

Ayatsuri dismisses his "patchwork doll" Merry. This is performed by weaving a special hand sign that is the reverse of that which is used in the "Call", meaning the left hand performs part the left hand side of the Boar hand seal and the right uses the right-hand side of Ram before spreading the user's arms wide as if throwing something off. This is done to "corrupt and break the seal that anchors Merry here" and send her back to her previous location. Dismissal can be used strategically with the "call" to summon Merry in one area, allow her to attack, dismiss her, and re-summon her in another area to attack again. This able to be done rapidly due to the fact that the dismissal takes no chakra and the call takes very little.

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