This article, Ningyō-yose Atsume and Ningyōtsukai Techniques, is an article created by Shiro and as such the expressed permission of the author must be obtained to modify, use, or reference it in anyway.

Ningyō-yose atsume and Ningyōtsukai Techniques
Name Ningyō-yose atsume and Ningyōtsukai Techniques
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Rank Ranges from C to S
Range Short, Mid, Long
Other Jutsu

The Ningyō-yose atsume and Ningyōtsukai Techniques are a powerful and versatile collection of both ninjutsu and Puppet Techniques developed and guarded by Ayatsuri Ningyō. These techniques range from the controlling of an opponent or ally, to the "calling" of a powerful ragdoll, and even to the destruction of an opponent's or ally's memories. Among the techniques in this collection is the technique which played a large part in earning the epithet "Ningyō wa ikimono masutā" or "Puppet Master of Living Things".

Collection of Techniques Edit

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