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Ningyōtsukai: Amplification
Name Ningyōtsukai: Amplification
Classification Supplementary
Rank B
Range Short, Mid
Other Jutsu

Ayatsuri makes use of his Chakra Threads, taking partial control of the target in order to amplify their abilities by feeding them additional chakra. For instance, if an ally was preparing to use Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique Ayatsuri may choose to augment their chakra with his own and increase the power of the technique. The effect is not permanent and will last for only ten seconds after Ayatsuri removes the threads from the target, making it painfully temporary. The skill that is increased is chosen by Ayatsuri, allowing him to pick out specific traits such as speed or strength or even the power of a specific jutsu and the amount of increase is controlled by how much chakra Ayatsuri pushes into the target. This process may also be reversed, allowing Ayatsuri to reduce the power of a technique or lower specific traits, such as speed or strength by using the target's chakra against it to place limits on those traits. The only drawbacks involved in the use of this technique are that it can leave Ayatsuri drained if the power of the technique was too greatly enhanced and that it must be timed properly due to the window it gives the opponent to attack.

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