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Ningyōtsukai: Control
Name Ningyōtsukai: Control
Classification Offensive, Defensive
Rank A
Range All Ranges
Other Jutsu

The user employs their skill with chakra threads in order to overpower the freewill of the target and take control of their body, and therefore the target's techniques. This technique may also be used to a lesser degree to make an ally dodge at the appropriate time or to force the use of a specific technique, allowing the complete synchronization of their skills. When the user wishes it my serve as a bi-directional link, allowing the target the use of both their techniques and the techniques of the user, leaving the ally some control over their own actions in order to form nearly flawless strategies such as allowing the ally control over some of the user's puppets as the user controls others themselves and launch an offensive with their own jutsu as well. In addition to the applications it holds in the field of forming strategies with allies, it may also be used in order to manipulate opponents in order to break up their offenses or defenses. In some cases this may be used to completely control an opponent who's will has been broken, that being said the difficulty in performing this task is directly related to both the strength of will the target holds and the current level of alertness of the target, meaning targets that are sleeping or weak-willed are easily controlled while those who are strong-willed and highly alert are difficult to break. The number of Chakra Threads required to adequately control/influence the target is directly related to both the strength of the target's will and whether or not they are voluntarily allowing themselves to be controlled, but in the case of a target that has been put under the influence of the user's will multiple times it becomes continuously easier to do.

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