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Ningyōtsukai: Copy
Name Ningyōtsukai: Copy
Classification Supplementary
Rank A
Range All Ranges
Other Jutsu

The user employs their mastery with chakra threads in order to access the target's mind and copy a specific technique, or techniques, before transmitting them to another target, enabling the second target to use the techniques of the original given that they have both enough chakra and skill to do so. This results in the second target permanently learning the technique and being able to be use said technique at will. While extremely useful this jutsu is limited to only copying techniques such as taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, etc. that do not require the use of a specific bloodline, Kekkei Genkai, dojutsu, or transformation unless the target possesses those traits as well. Meaning that a jutsu that requires Wind Nature can be transmitted to a target that does not possess that nature and they will be able to employ the technique but at a much lower strength, while a technique that requires Blaze Release which can only be used by manipulating the flames of the Amaterasu can not be transmitted into a target unless they are in possession of the needed dojutsu and the level of mastery required to access the Amaterasu. This technique may also be used for processes known as "Proactive Storing" and "Intel Harvesting", Proactive Storing allows the user to transfer abilities that the intended target is unable to use at the current time but that will be available for their use once they have reached the required amount of skill while Intel Harvesting allows the user to transfer raw information from one target to the next to allow the gathering of intel without interogation. This process is extremely useful in training as it grants the target the knowledge of the workings of the technique, leaving only the actual application to be filled in. While this technique allows the user to copy abilities from one target to the next, it does not allow them to learn the abilities of the target themselves due to their inability to control themselves with their own chakra threads.

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