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Omikami Clan
Omikami Clan Symb
Kanji 大神一族
Kekkei Genkai Zentengan edited-1 Zentengan

Amasentogan edited-1 Amasentogan
Aether Release- Aether Release

Hidden Techniques Black Reverberation Jutsu

The Omikami Clan (大神一族 Omikami Ichizoku) was one of the noble clans of Ūzūgakure, but has since lost the title of the village's most powerful clan since the great civil war within the clan.



The Omikami Clan's history dates back centuries ago. The clan's founder was a man named Afura Omikami, a migrant practitioner of Shinobi Sect, with a dream of gaining all the knowledge the world had to offer. His ambitious nature would be passed onto his son, and co-founder of the clan, Jingū Omikami. As migrants, Afura, Jingū, and Afura's wife, Katori, spread their hopes of learning the world's secrets, eventually gathering a large group of wandering believers. Under Afura's leadership, they were named "Omikami," as an appeal to deities for help in their quest.

Civil WarEdit

Generations passed within the clan, and two members had continued living to see each generation pass, Jingū and Afura. Their powerful faith and strong hope caused the clansmen to believe that Jingū and Afura were reaching towards achieving the world's knowledge. This was until word spread that Jingū was using innocent lives as a source of energy to extend both his and Afura's lifespan. For many members of the clan, this was a complete outrage, which demanded that Jingū be killed. However, other members either denied Jingū ever having committed the crime or held such strong faith that even if Jingū had killed others, it was for the benefit of their ambition. The consequential bickering eventually escalated into fights and then into an all out war within the clan. Afura, being completely unenlightened as to the new state of his clan, was baffled by the clansmens actions, and deeply troubled by the way his hard work was beginning to crumble before him. As the battle progressed, Afura tried to ease tensions between the two opposing sides, which only angered the side that wanted Jingū dead, as Afura was still trying to act as leader, despite not having the power the clan believed him to have. However, this incident did bring to Afura the case of Jingū. When Afura confronted Jingū, Jingū revealed to Afura that he had been leaking life energy he stole from other living creatures into both himself and Afura in order to extend their lives. Enraged, Afura sealed Jingū's abilities, mind, and memories with a four-pronged trigram seal, to be reincarnated into a future descendant. While Afura succeeded in stopping Jingū, the war ended with the clan in a state of near-extinction.


Kekkei GenkaiEdit

Kagamisei Zentengan

Jingū's Zentengan

The Zentengan (全天眼 All Heaven Eye) is the initial bloodline limit of the Omikami Clan. Its roots are not entirely known, though Afura was believed to have developed the jutsu as a way of piercing into the heavens, it is still possible that it was formed only due to Afura's connection to Shinobi Sect and thus having a by-root to the Rinnegan. The Zentengan forms in most Omikami clansmen, though to some the bloodline limit may never be awakened, for reasons attributed to mixed bloodline having its roots with the Omikami Clan Civil War. All Zentengans in their initial stage share one ability, to make them recognizable: enhancing neuro-functions by way of stimulating the nervous systems with lightning charged impulses, an ability called "dendoshihai." However, the Zentengan's abilities vary with each pair of eyes. This could include various advanced chakra natures, also for possible reasons related to the mixed blood after the war.

Hiden TechniqueEdit

Black Reverberation Jutsu (黒残響術 Kuroi Hankyo no Jutsu) is a Hiden Technique passed down through the members of the Omikami Clan. The technique employs the use of chakra within certain jutsu to increase the might of techniques without wasting an excess of chakra reserves. This is done by adding chakra enforced vibrations to a technique to decrease its resonance with everything but the user. This technique is used in the makings of jutsu such as Shanabatsu, Genshu Areken, and sometimes Genjutsu: Desolation. There are also jutsu whose main employment is the Black Reverberation Jutsu technique. These techniques usually involve the use of sound or light with the Black Reverberation Jutsu to create effects such as vacuum blades, illusions, paralysis, etc. However, the most unique trait to the Black Reverberation Jutsu is that it can travel through zero-point fields by use of the vacuum fluctuations. The drawback is the vibrations travel considerably slower and less far than normal vibrations.

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