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Name Omoikane
Kanji 思兼
Other Jutsu

This technique can only be unlocked once Amaterasu and Sarutahiko are awakened within the Mangekyō of the individual whether they be from the Uchiha Clan or by extension the Nisshōkirite Clan. This jutsu allows one to restore themselves to their prime once every ten years and as such live for a longer period of time as this allows for one to extend their life span. It is presumed that Madara Uchiha knew this technique as he too has an extended longevity.

To use the user does a set of hand seals to which a ball of swirling yin and yang chakra is formed in their hands as they then infuse this energy into their bodies to rewind their internal clock to a time when they were at their most powerful. As the jutsu starts to fade they return to their original age and then have to redo the jutsu once again. Like Kotoamatsukami this jutsu requires a full decade to activate again.

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