Oni Squadron
200px-Samurai Symbol.svg
Kanji 鬼 戦隊
Romaji Oni Sentai
Leader(s) Unknown
Members Sudachi Minamoto
Miyamoto Musashi (Formerly)
Team Jutsu Unknown

The Oni Squadron (鬼 戦隊, Oni Sentai) is an elite group of Samurai loyal to the general (大将, taishō) who serve as his personal guard and protect the Land of Iron. Members of the Oni Squadron are denoted by their modified versions of the standard armour and are normally on a level higher then the standard Samurai.

Overview Edit

They carry out the direct orders of the general, carrying the burdens of protecting the surrounding land in order to maintain neutrality in the Land of Iron. Although their actions are contradictory to their cause, their actions are legal in accordance with the laws passed by the Five Great Shinobi Nations. There are many rules and regulations regarding their duties as well, an example being that Oni Squadron members must name themselves as members of the Oni Squadron as well as they cannot attack without first asking if the other party had their approved papers to be in the country.

The authority of the Oni Squadron consists of the general acting as their primary figure head, along with several Captain-leveled Samurai. An example of a Captain-leveled Samurai is Sudachi Minamoto, whose power is proof of what a Captain carries with him. Captains carry a loincloth that bears the Land of Iron's emblem somewhere on their person.

Joining the Oni Squadron is considered one of the highest ranks a Samurai can achieve; right before being the general's personal bodyguards and the general himself. To enter into their ranks, a Samurai would have had to displayed some kind of feat in the field an would also have had to been promoted by the General. In some cases, a Samurai could train from youth to join the Oni Squadron, an example being Miyamoto Musashi who trained the original Oni Squadron from their youth.

Known Missions Edit

Eliminate Iwa Infiltrators Edit

  • Assigned to: Miyamoto Musashi
  • Outcome: All Infiltrators killed; Missions complete

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