Name Oniwabanshū
Kanji お庭番衆

Oniwabanshū (お庭番衆, "Ones of the Garden" in Japanese) is a loose-knit international organization that consists of both normal citizens and shinobi alike and act as a group of freelance heroes who perform various missions and tasks for the greater good and act as a security agency for their individual countries. It was originally a small and elite covert-ops team created by Konohagakure during the Second Shinobi World War, consisting of six prodigies of the academy, all having become jōnin relatively quickly after graduation. It would later become the combined groups of Sannotō Uzumaki, the only surviving member of the original group, and that of <Insertsomeonehere>.

General operation Edit

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Organization Edit

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Structure Edit

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List of members Edit

Name Moniker Rank Status Base of Operations
Sannotō Uzumaki Sannotō of the Cloud Grandmaster Active Land of Fire
Gai Nagareboshi N/A Master Active Land of Fire
Benzaiten N/A Master Active Land of Fire
Rozeluxe Meitzen Soul Forger Unknown Active Land of the Moon

List of associates Edit

Name Moniker Classification Status Base of Operations
Nōsei no Mikoto Mikoto's Silver Edge Underground Contact Active Kura-ku

Wardrobe Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The name is a pun on Konohagakure's name, which is the "Village Hidden in the Leaves" in English.

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