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Oto Sakkaku: Disorientation
Beast Call
Name Oto Sakkaku: Disorientation
Kanji 音の錯覚:見当識障害
Classification Offensive
Rank B
Range Short, Mid
Other Jutsu

Marami gathers a small amount of chakra into his mouth before projecting a soundwave that inflicts a sense of disorientation upon those who hear it by affecting the inner ear, causing loss of balance and sense of direction. Those under the influence of this technique will suddenly feel as though they have loss all sense of coordination and the smallest of movements may cause them to fall to the ground. Due to the way it is enacted, this technique is highly effective due to it targeting the opponent's ear, a highly vulnerable area that few expect to fall under assault. That being said it will also affect any allies within the range of the technique unless they are behind the user due to the soundwave traveling outward from the front of the user. The effects die out after two minutes, the time it takes the inner ear to recover from small amount of damage. This technique is only able to be used when Marami is using Essence of the Beasts with Riniyut.

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