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Oto Sakkaku: Influence
Beast Call
Name Oto Sakkaku: Influence
Kanji 音の錯覚:影響力
Literal English The Illusion of Sound: Influence
Classification Offensive
Rank B
Range Short, Mid
Other Jutsu

Marami gathers a small amount of chakra in his mouth before speaking, due to his voice being laced with chakra the pathway from the ear to the brain becomes saturated with Marami's chakra. The longer Marami speaks, the greater the amount of his chakra that effects the pathway and the stronger the urge the target will feel to comply with Marami's words. Marami may also increase the amount of chakra used in this technique in order to cause the target to fall under his influence at a faster rate. Due to his chakra saturating the target's ears and the pathway from the ear to the brain, the only way to break this technique is to flush his chakra from their body or to overcome the effects by rapidly increasing their chakra levels in order to force his chakra out, neither of these tasks are an easy feat to accomplish when one is falling under Marami's influence. This technique is only able to be used when Marami is using Essence of the Beasts with Riniyut.

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