Name Ōamegan
Kanji 大雨目
Other Jutsu

The Ōamegan is an incredibly rare dōjutsu which orignates in but a select few children; the Torrential Eye is unique among Dōjutsu in that it doesn't develop with age ---the Ōamegan is thus present from childbirth and onwards. Ōamegan is a curse though, as whomever gets it are effectively blinded on that eye, their visual cortex disintegrating upon receiving it, most of them also perish shortly afterwards, their bodies typically incapable of handling the vast excess of chakra and energy that floods trough their petite frame; those few whom surrive have their lifespan reduced by 50 years or more and their bodies typically give in when the wielder is about 28-32 years old - death is sudden and cannot be prevented even trough the means of powerful medical jutsu. Furthermore, since the death is accounted for as being completely natural - the wielder cannot be brought back from the realm of the dead. The Ōamegan is permanently visible and cannot be turned off, much unlike other eye jutsu: Then again, it doesn't consume chakra to keep active either, nor does it require chakra to utilize its abilities ---albeit its abilities may only be used a certain number of times per day.

Granted BoonsEdit

Massive Chakra Increase: All whom are born with the Ōamegan have their Chakra resserves increased exponentially to such lengths that they already as infants may surpass the resserves of senior Shinobi, at their peak though, their resserves may equal that of a Tailed Beast, causing others to mistake them for Jinchuriki.

Manifest Vacuum: By force of will alone, the wielder of this eye can choose to unleash a mighty torrent of pure energy that fully manifests into the form of a powerful vacuum, centered on the eye, that sucks in techniques and jutsu of all origins; including Genjutsu, dispelling them outright. It cannot however absorb physical or organic matter; while this technique is in use the Ōamegan spins around at great speeds and the technique lasts until it stops entirely, or the Shinobi closes the eye. The power of the vacuum may be freely regulated depending on how much mental effort and time is put into it; its power may be something as minor as simply drawing an opponent closer, or yanking back an ally whom have gone into a dangerous rage to be capable of flaying the very skin off of a platoon of Shinobi and rip their body to shreds by conflicting streams and currents.

More to come

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