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A dark cave glittered with the dark holograms of spectres, their different eyes being the only visable difference between each one. One spoke aloud in a deep, gruff, commanding voice that gave an intimidating roar over the lesser ranked members below, sitting on their pillows in silent respect "I tire of these constant preparations! Our forces are massive, our influence far reaching, and our dominion unquestionable! Let us excert our power over these villages already! I am eager to taste blood!" Some were chilled, others unfazed by the man's very nature. A beastly, carnivorous predator willing, ready, and eager to kill. His eyes were small, red spheres with no pupils or whites to be found. Red like the blood he savours so passionately...

Another added in a much more calm, yet chilling tone "I agree. The lands are drenched in conflict, immersed in strife. We should strike while the blade is hot." His was a more intellectual, upper-tier tone than the former, bloodthirsty savage that had spoken. Some were soothed, others made uncomfortable, by his serpentine, suave voice. His eyes were a strange blue with a wide, white pupil. Blue like cold, numb ice piercing into the warmth of one's soul.

Another deep voice, stern, serious, and stoic, offered "We should take into consideration any subversives within our units. I understand you yourself, Bane, had to put down several members for their treachery." No eyes of his were seen due to coverings.

A female voice called out, her tone strict and dutiful "You never alerted us all of this." Her sharp tongue verbally lashed out at the now-embarrassed monster.

The bloodthirsty warrior from before gruffed "I was getting to it...", bitterly scowling at the female that had so boldly staked her claim at pitching a "TO BLAME" flag on his head. Due to being a hologram, the scowl went unnoticed.

"Enough." commanded a stern, yet young, voice that silenced all in the cave. All eyes turned to the one who commanded it; a pair of red, slitted eyes that seemed to glow with the fiery depth of Hell itself. His gazed flew around the room, slowly eyeing each member down to assume the role of dominance in the group "We are, all of us, gravely concerned. Recent events have made it abundantly clear we can no longer pass off our charade of diligent guardians and protectorates of peace throughout the unprotected borderlands. But there is no need to panic, nor is there any need to become so eager for bloodshed. Our time will come."

All heads below bowed in reverence to the leader's reaffirmations, like solemn prayers to a generous god. He continued, his gaze fixed on the warrior "Bane, I know how these uprisings have made you feel but do not let them take reign over your judgement. Stand firm in the face of doubt. Keep your subordinates in line through a strong, potent mixture of fear and respect. Be generous, but be commanding. Do not go searching for what might not be there, or else it might appear." Bane bowed his head and closed his eyes in acknowledgement and respect. Not that one could noticed from their distance, but he was considerably taller and more muscle-bearing than the former. It was odd that such a comparably smaller being would command such respect from an eight-foot tall war-hound like him.

The leader's red eyes turned to face the serpent-like man with the soothingly cold, penetrating gaze and the glib smirk on his face "Enkidu, how long will the unearthing process take?"

Enkidu replied after a thoughtful few seconds "Around five weeks at the very least. Two months, at the very most. Not counting problems caused by outside forces, of course."

The leader looked down consideringly for a moment and back up at his comrade "Very well. However, I see fit to increase your defenses there at the gorge. Kanpu."

The female bowed her head in respect upon being recognized "Yes, sir?"

He commanded "Join Enkidu at the gorge. Ensure everything goes smoothly. Should anything happen, you will assume command of the operation. Do not fail me, Kanpu." She nodded in acceptance of her task "Yes, sir."

His eyes turned to the stoic one from before "Forcas, are your men prepared for battle?"

Forcas took only a second to consider and nodded "They are."

The leader's eyelids lowered ever so lightly "Very well. Station your warriors on trade routes linking to the land of fire. When trade caravans arrive, destroy them. Take only what you need. Operation: Snuffing the Flame will commense once you have engaged the targets."

He turned, at last, to a pair of other Holograms behind him "Saidan, Jaul. You both will focus all of your efforts, here-on-out, in subduing the Jinchuuriki. I want them alive, Saidan; no decapitations."

The one on the right with the blue, snake-like eye grimaced at this order "Tch."

The leader turned back to the majority of the many holograms in the room "Those who have not been assigned special duties, remain at your posts until further use can be made of you. Remember: disobey this order, and you shall endure the consequences. This meeting... is adjourned." At this, all of the holograms dissipated.

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