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Owls (梟, Fukurō) were the generic summons of the Uzumaki Clan. Unlike toads and snakes, they have no known habitat, flying through the world's skies and settling where they please. Owls generally use wind based chakra, but have been seen using other natures.

Owl Summoning- Barn Owl

A Barn Owl Summoning

Overview Edit

Unlike standard owls, most Owl summonings are generally large, though smaller than a toad summoning. Young have been seen as large as hawks, and older ones about the size of a small house. Owls are fast and very silent fliers. Most Owls wield the Wind Release nature, though some have been seen using other natures not associated with Wind.

Owls were the standard summoning of the Uzumaki Clan, generally appearing before an Uzumaki Clan member who has not yet made a contract with another animal or mythical beast. Owls are very intelligent, almost all being able to speak various forms of the human language. The exact lifespan of Owls are unknown, but the Owl's leader appears to be very old.