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Pandora's Box Of Doom
212px-dark Coffin
Name Pandora's Box Of Doom
Kanji 運命の黒障壁神
Classification Kekkai Ninjutsu, Space-Time Ninjutsu, Hiden, Kinjutsu
Rank S-rank
Range Short, Mid, Long
Hand Seals Tiger → Dragon → Hare → Snake → Boar → Tiger → Bird
Other Jutsu

Kami gathers chakra in a square formation, and create the box by him creating a cornerstone of the box, the box is unique to each caster, green with markings and black have been the only colors observed so far. The box is very sturdy, even stopping a tailed beast ball from killing a large amount of ninja. According to him, there are different levels of this technique. At the highest level and combined with his Onmyojutsu, Kami can create one that traps the target in a large box of black mist with a purple outline around it. The first stage of the attack slowly destroys all the senses except touch, afterwards the large "Box" of mist begins to suffocate the flow of chakra. causing it to stop moving. The final stage of the technique results in the black mist crushing the targets body, but imploding the box. The other one is it can be manifested in an aura that surrounds the user. It has considerable offensive and defensive capabilities: it can destroy virtually any opposing force that touches it directly, and can repel all but the strongest attacks. It's created by the user's domination of negative feelings. The basic usage of this technique is to trap the target and make it collapse on itself. It also has it's practical uses such as using it as an elevator, A platform in the air, and elastic to deflect enemy attacks. It can also be used in layers but this can be taxing as it requires more chakra. It can be used as spears as well in order to be more precise in the intended target. This requires less chakra since it's small and thin. Overall, it can come in different colors and can be used in many ways.


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