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Plasma Release
Plasma Release
Name Plasma Release
Kanji 血漿遁
Literal English Plasma Release
Range Short-Long
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Plasma Release (血漿遁, Kesshōton) is the Kekkei Genkai of the Kuujou Clan, composed of the Water Release and Lightning Release, as fire and electricity are composed of plasma. Only one member of the Kuujou Clan has been unable to access this Kekkei Genkai.


Plasma Release allows the user to control energized gases and control their electrons. From either atoms or molecules. This nature, due to it's immense power, places a truly enormous amount of strain on the user when continuously used. However, the manipulation of this power gives the user a tremendous boost in abilities, largely due to the composition of plasma itself, being a super-heated gas and it's own state of matter.

Derived JutsuEdit

  • Plasma Release: Howling Torrent (血漿遁·遠吠え瀬, Kesshōton: Tōboese)
  • Plasma Release: Scathing Claw (血漿遁·剡爪, Kesshōton: Entsume)
  • Plasma Release: Plasma Storm (血漿遁·原形質嵐, Kesshōton: Genkeishitsu Arashi)
  • Plasma Release: Plasma Dragon Barrage (血漿遁·血龍連発, Kesshōton: Kesshōryū Renpatsu)
  • Plasma Release: Destruction Ray (血漿遁·破壊線, Kesshōton: Hakai-sen)