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Nature Icon Smoke and Ash Nature Icon Ice Powdered Ash
Name Nature Icon Smoke and Ash Nature Icon Ice Powdered Ash
Kanji 粉状灰
Classification Collaboration Jutsu
Other Jutsu

A Collaboration Jutsu used by Kenji Nagakura and Harumi Amaterasu by joining both their Ash Release: Ash Burial and Powdered Snow techniques to create a "stream" of ash and snow that can be molded and controlled into various different shapes, while maintaining the flexibility of the Ash Release and the offensive defensive mix of the Powdered Snow style. The ice is colored a dull grey coloration, while at times appearing black. They commonly freeze their target followed by Kenji utterly destroying the target by means of an explosion, or Harumi crushing the ice and the target with it: or both depending on how brutal they want to be.

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