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Nature Icon Ice Powdered Snow
Name Nature Icon Ice Powdered Snow
Kanji 粉雪
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank C-Rank
Range All
Other Jutsu

A technique Harumi learned from her father shortly before he left Konoha to return home. It involves freezing water to form snow which can then be used as a long-range offensive utility or as a means of personal defense against incoming danger. Harumi can control "streams" of un melting snow without any physical motion, the sole thing controlling it being her own Chakra. The only thing known to melt it so far is Shiki Kanō's Seika flames. As a result of the snow being linked to her Chakra, as well as her ability to create it simply through crushing a single Ice Release technique, the snow can be utilized whenever Harumi has need of it; allowing her to make faster and more powerful attacks with greater precision while hanging back to avoid injury. The technique was devised to better aid Medical-nins when in the field as close-quarters is not required.

A collaborative variation unique to Harumi and Kenji can be created by applying the Ash Release style of Ninjutsu, named Powdered Ash.

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