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Pseudo-Frost Release
Frost Release Example
Name Pseudo-Frost Release
Kanji 擬似霜遁
Classification Pseudo Nature Transformation
Other Jutsu

Pseudo-Frost Release(擬似霜遁, Giji Shimoton) is the term bestowed upon the innate ability of The Final Lament; a weapon forged within Kirigakure of the same calibur as the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist's signature weapons. As denoted by its prefix, the blade's ability is not an advanced chakra nature, but functions similarly to the Ice Release in that it creates frozen masses for use by the wielder. However, unlike its actual counterpart, the technique only involves the dramatic decreasing of temperature within the user's own ninjutsu in order to produce Frost variants; a prime example being the Water Encampment Wall's variant: a simple wall of Ice. Pseudo-Frost Release is produced within The Final Lament through a series of seals impregnated into the blade while forging. These seals are hidden through aesthetics, such as dye and trimmings, and act autonomously in response to the wielder's chakra.

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