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Quake Release
Name Quake Release
Kanji 震遁
Literal English Quake Release
Range Short-Long
Other Jutsu

Quake Release (震遁 Shinton) is a Kekkei Genkai formed through the dual element of Earth and Lightning. This allows the user to channel their Lightning into the tectonic plates of the earth. This causes a chain reaction, creating vibrations inside of them. While the user is continuously making contact, they are able to regulate the vibrations through the usage of Chakra Flow, using either their own body or another object to make contact with the ground. This results in earthquakes of varying magnitudes. These quakes are formed through simple feet movements, as contact with the ground must be established in order to cause the potential energy created from the vibrations to release as pure Kinetic Energy, causing underground, tectonic movement, thus creating tremors and quakes. The user can also use this Kekkei Genkai as a sensory-like technique. By sensing the vibrations from anything in contact with the ground, they are able to pin-point it's exact location and counter effectively, albeit, this doesn't work with aerial opponents. Due to its incredible power, and rarity, as only a few members of the Zokujin Clan are able to awaken this Kekkei Genkai, thus making it highly sought after.



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