Quazimono Kaishin is the current leader of the infamous Kaishin Clan and a descendant of Hozuki Kaishin, the founder of the clan.


Quazimono is a tall burly man in his early forties. Hosting a rougly shaved beard and a buzz-cut worthy of any army, Quazimono excudes a commanding presence. He's usually seen in a dark green sleevless shirt; which shows off his rippling biceps; and similarly colored pants. Within his shirt he wears a thick vest that offers him protection from any projectiles and some defence against enemy jutsu as well as metal braces around his legs and arms for similar needs. In all such ways Quazimono appears built as a tank. With his dark blonde hair and jet black eyes as well as the scars he sports proudly on his chest, Quazimono upholds the title as a proud war veteran.

Personality Edit

Abilities and PowersEdit


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