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Name Reikiri
Kanji 霊錐
Literal English Departed Soul Drill
Rank A
Range Close
Other Jutsu

The Reikiri is is a powerful A-Rank created by Nijo Nakamura. It is seen as a counterpart to the Rasengan, as she created it after her "father" told her about the Rasengan.

Effects Edit

The Reikiri does not require any hand seals to use, relying entire on the chakra control of the user. Based on the principles of one-dimensional movement, Naruko can manipulate her chakra to move back and forth in a bar-shape that causes the intensity and potential frictional force of the chakra to multiply by each and every second. When finished forming it takes the form of an misshapen cylinder. Once released, unlike the Rasengan that grinds, this technique actually "drills" into the opponent with its massive potential frictional force as well as its applied force. However, because it is relatively smaller and more narrow than the Rasengan, it presents a smaller surface area for attack, but can cause nearly ten times the damage of an average Rasengan. Naruko states that it is currently incomplete.

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