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Ririsu's Juinjutsu
Cursed Seal of Dimensions (次元の呪印, Jigen no Juin)
Name Ririsu's Juinjutsu
Kanji リリス の呪印術
Classification Supplementary
Rank S
Other Jutsu

Ririsu's Juinjutsu, also known as the Cursed Seal of Dimensions, is the direct result of the Uzumaki Clan's vast sealing knowledge coupled with a series of unfortunate events. Just a few months following the wedding of Viper Shinja and Ririsu Asmodai, old enemies seeking to destroy the couple's newfound happiness launched a relentless attempt upon the former's life. Though they failed, their closeness to success prompted her to add securitive measures about her dwelling; these included a series of unique seals that disrupted the functioning of jikukan ninjutsu within a certain distance of her home. Of this fact did she fail to inform her husband of, and his fondness of utilizing the Dimensional Leap Technique led him to become the first victim to fall prey to these preventative measures.

Viper's technique was halted and rebounded, ultimately sending him hurtling across the dimensional planes. In his panic, he failed to recognize the menacing energies making their approach whilst he attempted to remedy his stick situation. Contact with these energies ultimately modified his chakra system, leaving him corrupted; a fact he did not fully realize until he had wormed his way to another of his Anchors and returned to the present dimension. Over the course of weeks, he was then plagued by the foreign energies residing within; subjected to painful glyphs erupting about his body and grotesque transformations that led him to hide himself underneath Shinja no Toride. It was his sire's knowledge that saved him from the brink, and together with his wife did the three seal and regulate the foreign energies, turning what was thought to be a curse into a weapon.

Aesthetics Edit

When the Juinjutsu is inactive, it appears as nothing more than a tribal glyph upon Viper's stomach; crimson in hue. Once the initial form is activated, this glyph explosively spreads across his body, encompassing his torso, legs and upper arms in a matter of seconds. Finally, once the final stage is initiated, Viper's body undergoes a grotesque change in which his appearance is that of a muscular humanoid with spikes protruding from his back and arms, and whose pigmentation is also crimson in hue.

Capabilities Edit

The initial form of Rirsu's Juinjutsu grants only an aesthetic change and an overall increase in chakra. This is due to the Uzumaki sealing technique's trademark method of integrating two independent chakra sources so that they eventually cooperate and merge into one reserve. The secondary form of the Juinjutsu grants an additional, but not as much as the initial form, amount of chakra in addition to an increase of physical condition. Despite his appearance, the secondary form is quite swift and the protruding spikes are not as cumbersome as they seem; easily being grown and reproduced as needed.

Notes Edit

In comparison to the most powerful Juinjutsu to date, those conceived by Orochimaru, Ririsu's Juinjutsu pales in comparison. Though the advantages are great, they are nowhere near as monumental as those created by the White Snake and therefore the Juinjutsu suffices as a critical supplement to Viper's arsenal rather than the forerunning offensive engine.

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