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Affiliation 100px-Kirigakure Symbol.svg Kirigakure
Partner Reika Masamune
Classification Summon
Nature Type(s) 100px-Nature Icon Lightning.svg Lightning Rekease
Jutsu Discharge Lightning Calamity Technique

Raijū (雷獣, "thunder beast") is the personal summon of Reika Masamune, a member of Kirigakure’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. He is named Roga (狼牙) and is the legendary beast that has been sought by Kumogakure for many years. Roga is a very intelligent creature and is fiercely loyal, mostly so to Reika mainly because they have been together for many years.


Roga is a large wolf like creature with sharp canine teeth that are powerful enough to chew through solid stone. Roga has golden yellow fur, a black nose, pointy ears, twin tails, and large sharp claws. Whenever angry or agitated, Roga tends to release sparks of electricity from his body. Roga can also change his size, being able to take the form of a small puppy, or a large beast, comparable in size to the legendary Baku. In regular form, Roga is large enough for Reika to ride on his back.




Roga's lightning attack.

Roga has demonstrated impressive physical abilities in battle, being able to move at lightning fast speeds, and is strong enough to take down creatures of much larger proportions, as it was able to fight against a beast such as the Lion-Turtle. Roga has large reserves of chakra, far beyond what an average shinobi is capable of producing. Like the beast of legend, Roga has the ability to produce lightning from his body, and manipulate it accordingly. Roga can also transform into lightning and has also demonstrated the ability to call forth natural lightning from the sky. He is able to shoot out concentrated blasts of lightning from his mouth, and can also absorb lightning based attacks from an opponent. He can use his large canine teeth and sharp claws to attack, and can also use them to break and crush through solid stone with ease.


  • Raijū (雷獣,"thunder animal" or "thunder beast") is a legendary creature from Japanese mythology. Its body is composed of either lightning or fire and may be in the shape of a cat, tanuki, monkey, or weasel. The form of a white and blue wolf (or even a wolf wrapped in lightning) is also common. It may also fly about as a ball of lightning or fire (in fact, the creature may be an attempt to explain the phenomenon of ball lightning). Its cry sounds like thunder.
  • Rōga (狼牙) means "wolf's fang".

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