Root Manipulation Technique
Root Manipulation Technique
Name Root Manipulation Technique
Kanji 根底管制の術
Literal English Root Control Technique
Other Root Manipulation Jutsu
Classification Supplementary
Range All ranges
Hand Seals Snake
Other Jutsu

This technique involves the manipulation of roots, though its applications can vary.

Uses Edit

  • Hashirama can create wooden roots from his feet which then tunnel underground and merge with the roots of trees, allowing him to communicate with others, who are also nearby trees, almost instantly.
  • Hashirama can create wooden roots from his feet that tunnel into the ground and absorb the nutrients from the soil and roots of the trees, converting it to chakra to replenish his strength.
  • Hashirama can use his chakra to activate the roots beneath the ground, causing them to spring up and ensnare the target.

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