Rōkai (老獪 Roukai, Cunning) is currently a S Class Missing-nin who had his origins from Kumogakure. Formerly a powerful Jonin from the said country, he was said to be one of the most gifted ninja of his country, and was recommended numerous times to become Raikage. Although after the birth and consequent growth of A this honour was soon denied from him. He had been appointed as the sensei of A's team and had been known to have taught him much about taijutsu. He was known by his alias inside the village as Storm Shepherd (嵐羊 Arashi Hitsuji) due to his mastery over a certain ninjutsu. Also known by his alias as Swordflash or Purple Lightning (紫電 Shiden) due to his unique purple lightning and extreme swordsmanship skills.

After an unnamed event inside the village, involving his team. He was permanently scarred with the wooden cover on his left side of his face. Due to this, he was verbally assaulted by many of his former village comrades, and was even discarded by the Third Raikage. Due to this, his already evasive personality took an even more dramatic change and he became the cold man he is today. After killing one of the Daimyo of his village, he successfully was able to escape the village. Killing off several Chunin and even Jonin who had attempted to chase after him. Since then, he has been looking for the Akatsuki in order to join their ranks, even after their loss in the Fourth Great Shinobi World War





Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Due to his own intense training as well as training from the likes of masterful for many years, he has attained an extreme amount of finesse in the art of swordsmanship and can be considered worthy of the title Seven Swordsman of the Mist as said by Kirigakure Ninja, despite not being one himself. His art in Kenjutsu far outclasses his other arts to the point where he could be considered one of the most powerful swordsman in Kumogakure, even fighting on par with someone such as Suigetsu Hozuki or even Kisame Hoshigaki with ease and even overwhelm him briefly. Due to having been taught by only one master his skills aren't extremely broad nor wide however he has caught various glimpses of different styles during his lifetime, the most prominent being Kendō and Iaido, the latter sword style he witnessed from Mifune some time ago. Throughout his life he has been able to repeatedly show that he is a genius regarding the art of swordsmanship, and his skill can continue improving because of the amount of experience he wishes to gain and his aim to surpass his master and even beyond. His fighting style is swift and indirect, utilizing his calm and cunning demeanor to confuse opponents and batter them with multiple strikes.

Enhanced Reflexes: Due to having trained for years in this art and have fought swordsmen of many caliber, he has shown himself to possess extreme reflexes. He instinctively uses movements that will usually dodge and/or block the opponents strikes and subsequently counter with extreme ease. His movements while using swordsmanship are said to resemble blurs and leave a brief afterimage while dodging before striking them with quick assaults to disable them effortlessly. It should be noted however that in certain circumstances, reflexes will get the better of him, as if the moment arises where he dodges incorrectly, he will be injured instead of successfully dodging and countering.

Known StylesEdit

Kendō: Rōkai is known for his immense aptitude and skill in the arts of Kendō. Shiju uses a style that is reminiscent of the standard Samurai fighting style with his own twist in it. He prefers to use an indirect approach while fighting, usually drawing his sword when an opponent attacks him, either from long range or short range. He has enough skill to be able to blend his Iaido and Kendō fighting styles together. He does this by drawing his sword exceptionally fast when an opponent attacks him, then will usually batter them with several combination attacks if successful.

  • Eidatsu (穎脱 Gaining Recognition) is an original technique developed by him. To use this technique, he dives in extremely close to his opponent using Taijutsu. He then uses extreme force with a powerful upward slash to blow them up into the air, usually causing slight cuts from the wind before he uses speed once again, this time to get above them. By the time that the opponent regains their balance (if they do), Rōkai would be above them, and waiting to attack. He then repeatedly batters the opponent with powerful Kendō slices while using the blunt side of his sword, which causes them to fall backwards very quickly, and the impact when they reach on the ground is immense as Rōkai stands on the air. He states that he wished to utilize this technique on his master, as to "gain recognition" from him, although that wasn't possible.

Iaido: Although he was only able to get glimpses of this style from several masters, including Mifune, it is an undeniable fact that Rōkai possesses great skill in this style of swordsmanship. He is known to be able to effortlessly win an easy battle with one draw and even be able to fight on par with other masters while using Iaido as his primary form of combat, sometimes even foregoing the use of Kendō, albeit this is only if the situation demands it. It is known that during an unknown time of his life, he had battled an entire group of Chunin ninja using Iaido alone, albeit he had to eventually utilise Ninjutsu to win the battle, it is still an impressive feat, considering his age at the time.

  • Gurenōka (紅蓮桜花, "Crimson Lotus Cherry Blossom"): At one point of time, he encountered a famed Iaido practitioner while she was using this technique against an unnamed opponent, and using his keen perception alongside his already advanced Iaido skills, was able to learn it quite quickly. Rōkai grips his blade, and draws it with immense speed while he speeds past an opponent and slashes them. The attack takes place so fast that only seconds after Rōkai has sheathed his sword is when the opponent realises they have been struck.
  • Kareobana (枯尾花 Withered Silver Grass) A technique he usually utilizes when he is an area with much plant life, as it works best in areas like that due to it's effects. By drawing his sword extremely quickly while slashing the grass, he causes it to rise, however just before the grass rises, it shines a slight silver due to the blade making contact with it, hence it's name. Then while the "wall" of grass rises he does the same on all four sides of the opponent, surrounding them in withered grass. Just as the grass is about to descend he will instantly break through the wall and slash the opponent with one swift strike, usually on the arm.


As an exceptionally skilled swordsman, as well as one of the most gifted ninja to be born inside Kumogakure, Rōkai has shown himself to be exceptionally skilled in Taijutsu, compensating for his lack of skill in Ninjutsu. At various points of time, many of his academy teachers and teammates have commented on his immense skill in Taijutsu, combined with his overall attitude give him an upper-hand against almost all opponents.

Enhanced Strength: Rōkai has always been noted for his high amount of strength, and despite his almost frail form, possesses strength that far exceeds expectations. He is fit to being able to catch weapons barehanded, and even make opponents fly backwards with one palm thrust.

Incomprehensible Speed: Rōkai's most astonishing trait is his absolutely ridiculous speed. He has been noted to use no speed enhancing techniques or even Chakra Flow to enhance his speed, just using his monstrous base speed to overwhelm opponents. Although his speed is indeed extremely high, and is said to be second to the Raikage's Lightning Armor, it is not nearly as fast as these techniques. However, due to his speed, he has been given the monicker, Swordflash (紫電 Shiden) which also relates to his Iaido capabilities. He is known to commonly wear extreme weights to limit his speed, which are even heavier than Rock Lee's own weights. Even then, his speed is known to be above that of an average Jonin level ninja. When taken off, his speed is boosted to such levels that he has to consciously maintain his speed every moment as to not allow his bones to rupture due to the immense friction. Combined with his indirect fighting style, he is said to dodge every attack thrown at him and counter instantaneously. It is also said that only masterful sharingan practitioners are able to read his movements, and even then, very few are said to be able to physically keep up with him. Rōkai's most astonishing trait is his ability to literally avoid Genjutsu using Taijutsu alone, combined with slight chakra flow. By channeling chakra to his nervous system and moving at his natural speeds and constantly changing his velocity (direction) he is able to literally avoid any form of Genjutsu fired on him, unless it is able to somehow keep up with him, something that rarely happens.

Low Durability: Although he possesses a large amount of strength and absolutely ridiculous speed, his durability itself is rather low. He is unable to withstand attacks that even standard Chunin are able to resist with ease. Due to this, fighting for prolonged periods of time greatly tires him and due to this, he prefers to swiftly finish any battle.


Although not his strong point. Rōkai has shown skill in the manipulation of lightning as his standard ninjutsu. His skill is enough to utilize and channel lightning chakra into his blades and be able to channel it throughout his nervous system in order to prevent illusions from affecting him. His lightning at many points of time, was noted to be a lavender color and had much more power than average lightning.


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