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Saber-toothed Tigers (剣歯虎, Ken ha Tora) are rare and distinctive summoning animals found near Hoshikage. They rarely appear before Shinobi, with Shiki Kanō being currently the only known individual to have made a contract with them.

Characteristics Edit

The Saber-toothed Tigers are characterized by their prominent saber-like, maxillary canine teeth, which extend from their mouths even when they are was closed. Large and imposing, or small and cute, depending on the level of Chakra used when summoning them, the mid-to-high-level Saber-tooths are large enough to carry multiple people on their backs, such are their size, while the leader, Seibā, is larger still. Saber-toothed Tigers are generally more robust than average cats and are more bear-like in actual build, and make excellent hunters due to their size, agility and maxillary canines.

Collectively, the Saber-toothed Tigers are notoriously difficult to be around, due to their openly sarcastic and unhelpful attitude towards anyone who summons them or interacts with them, which belies a sharp kind in even the smallest. It is known they only allowed Shiki Kanō to summon them because of his own animalistic tendencies and general love for four-legged animals. Mostly, the Saber-toothed Tigers are attuned to wind, with the king, Seibā and a few others, being fit to utilize lightning as well.

Collaboration Jutsu Edit

Known Saber-tooths Edit

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