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Sakebi Nami (lit, Japanease for Screaming Waves, 悲鳴波) was an assassin born out of Kusagakure during the time and events of the Second Shinobi World War. Using her skill sets, she administered chaos and anarchy to the ranks of her foes. Taking upon the moniker; Tsuretsuna (lit, Japanease for Banshee, 痛烈). Serving as an ANBU for the will of various employers.

Years ahead of the war, Sakebi would give birth to both Odayakana and Tsuyoi.



Life began for Sakebi in the Land of Grass. Born into a family that never existed to her, she was abandoned on the roadside, simply something that couldn't be taken care of, or wanted. She would die in the wilderness of the wild woods, and no one would notice her existance snuffed out so quickly, her life so brief. Yet; this didn't occur.

A group of Amegakure Shinobi came upon her; they were coming back from a mission they had accomplished. Finding the defenseless babe, Sakebi find solace in the eyes of the group, and in the heart of one Kunoichi in particular. She was gathered up in the Jonin's arms and taken with them on their way back to Land of Rain. She would begin her youth training and becoming stronger for the good of the nation, and little did she know it, but for the next War.

Taking upon her life fairly seriously, Sakebi grew up with little domestic life, her adopted mother more of an elder sister who raised her, and fed her, and put a roof over her head. Watching over her training and helping her when she herself wasn't busy. Sakebi would train herself before entering the acadamy, knowing of tales of the legenedary figure that would be: Hanzō of the Salamander, the future leader of Amegakure.

Her drive pushed forward of hearing his tales of strength and prowess, Sakebi had a life to look forward to, and she would do her best to be as powerful as he was. He aspired her, her rolemodel. And Sakebi had a goal; to be as strong as him.

Acadamy YearsEdit

After being accepted into the Acadamy, making it through initially with little trouble; ever thankful for training so hard. Her years in the acadamy were short lived, as she strove to make it out of the place with the rest; Amegakure a fortress, it's denizens a force to be reckoned with. She would be like them.

Ninja AdeptEdit

Making it into the ranks of a Genin, Sakebi rose with the aid of her 'sister-mother' figure, who was implamented to be her instructor and teacher. She would give her missions and help her work her way up the ranks; ambition clear in Sakebi's eyes, so full of life.

This life would be dedicated to growing stronger.

Being trained, Sakebi found her natural elements in the years before; but something else began to rise from her chakra's surface. The signs of another nature. The Crystal Release. Her sister seeing this unknown element. Sakebi activating it in a matter of extreme self defense against an enemy combatant, her sister knew this was a good sign.

But it's sign was known by others as well.

Tool FoundEdit

As her training progressed, activation of her release was furthered. Through hard work and a sheer force of will, Sakebi would learn to slowly master this new form of combat. One day, this was recognized, and men came to the doorsteps of the Nami sisters, knocking on the doors of the two sisters on break. They based their intrusion on the fact that information had been held out from the leader of Amegakure.

With force, they apprehened the 'criminals' and brought them towards the ANBU corps of Ame. This done, they told the young girl that her life was over; but they would allow it to continue if she were to become their tool and their weapon for the coming era. Reluctant and rebellious, Sakebi had no reason to obey them.

Until they threatened the life of the one she cared about most. Her sister. The head of the 'offer' bringing his blade to her throat, they pinned her and would decpitate her before the eyes of the young Sakebi. The words that were spoken, rang forever in the young Kunoichi's head; '"Concede to your fate, join your Hell, or be it's prisoner."' And Sakebi would concede, for the love and life of her only true friend.

Sadly, Sakebi would never see her sister again.

Instrument of DestructionEdit

Her life from hence on; her 'missions' accomplished as a 'chunnin' and 'jonin' were a hoax, faked impleccebly by her new mentors. She was brought forward in skill and strength, and with it... the ANBU instructed her to become their instrument of destruction. And sadly, with this new form of training and life, Sakebi would slowly seep to their level, only retaining her reverence and loyalty to her country, and still yet her rolemodel.

This evident one day, she was brought to execute members of village to retrieve information that may prove dangerous to their cause. And yet again to locate a young group of Genin from another Konohagakure that drew too close to the lands of Ame. Her heart becoming cruel, Sakebi gained a sense of sadism as she grew to an adult, feasting on the cries and sorrow of her victims. This lead her to obtain her moniker, Tsuretsuna.

As the days grew long, and as the War impeded forward, Sakebi was a menace, no longer the innocent young girl that she used to be. She was a weapon, an ANBU, non-existant to the eyes of the Shinobi world, but a force to be reckoned with.




Timeline Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Pre-ANBU 2 2 1 2.5 1.5 3 1 2 15
Post-ANBU 3.5 3.5 2 3.5 3 3.5 2.5 3 24.5
Present 5 3.5 2.5 4 3 4.5 4.5 5 32

Jigoku no Ha Edit

Crystal Release Edit


"Concede to your hell, or become it's prisoner." (Told to when she initiated into the ANBU)

"We all make our choices, mine have lead me to where I am, and made me into a creature that must be feared. I hold no remorse, I feel no guilt, and I will die for my country; I am a weapon of Amegakure"

"Long live the Land of Rain, long live Ame... and long live Hanzo."


  • According to the falsified information provided by the Ame ANBU.
    • Sakebi Nami has completed a total of 116 missions: 32 D-rank, 67 C-rank, 15 B-rank, 2 A-rank, and 0 S-ranked.
    • Her hobbies are: training, studying, and sharpening her weaponry.
    • Her favorite foods are: beer-fries and calamari.
    • Her favorite word is: Fight Hard, (懸命に戦う, Kenmei ni tatakau) and Divine Cause, (神の'原因, Kami no gen'in).
  • According to personal information by Sakebi in her journal.
    • Sakebi Nami has completed a total of 316 Missions: 67 D-rank, 81 C-rank, 102 B-rank, 53 A-rank, 13 S-rank.
    • Her hobbies are: Fighting, drinking, and killing.
    • Her favorite foods are: Candy and rum flavored Steak.
    • Her favorite words are: Concede, (認める, Shitatameru) and Slaughter, (虐殺, Gyakusatsu).

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