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Sakurajima Hayabusa
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Hakutou Hiei (薄刀飛影, Thin Sword Flying Shadow)
Name Sakurajima Hayabusa
Kanji 桜島隼
Personal Status
Birthdate August 23rd
Age 26
Gender 20px-Gender Male1.svg Male
Height 165.1 cm (5'5")
Weight 49.89 kg (110lbs)
Blood Type A
Affiliation Seven Swordsman of the Mist
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Hunter Nin
Previous Occupation Jonin
Team Seven Swordsman of the Mist
Classification Elite-Jonin
Hiden Techniques Diamond Cloth Technique

Hayabusa Sakurajima (桜島隼, Sakurajima Hayabusa) is a highly skilled and accomplished Hunter-Nin of Kirigakure and a member of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist. He is rumored to be one of the foremost assassins of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist, and is regarded as one of the most proficient masters of hidden weapons in the shinobi world. For many years, he was largely unknown, as many of his first assassinations were shrouded in rumor or myth. Tales of entire platoons of enemy forces vanishing under the cloak of the night, or powerful individuals found dead a small prick, just large enough for a needle the only evidence of an assassination and more.

Eventually these killings began take notice, but were first written off as the work of rogue shinobi or perhaps Kirigakure's Hunter-Nin, but later evidence proved that such groups were elsewhere when the assassinations took place, leaving many asking who had actually commited them in the first place. The civil wars that plagued the hidden mist only added a legendary status to the increasing number of assassinations that took place, in the midst of battle, or warlords thought to be invincible in combat felled by a single shuriken. His unique style of assassination and ability to seemingly appear and disappear with the shadows eventually earned him the moniker of Hakutou Hiei (薄刀飛影, lit. Thin Sword Flying Shadow).

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To the general populace and rest of the shinobi world, Hakutou Hiei's true appearance remains unknown. His abilities as an assassin are virtually unrivaled, as he has never revealed himself to his enemies. Whether this stems from sheer skill or elaborate illusions to fool his enemies and allies alike, the appearance of Hakutou Hiei remains a mystery. None are even aware of his name, perhaps save for the Seven Swordsman themselves, and evne then it is believed he often acts through intermediary agents or clones.

Within the Seven Swordsman of the Mist, his appearance is one that baffles his allies, and confounds those that know him personally. Hayabusa is simply put, a man gifted with an unearthly amount of beauty so much so that even men find him gorgerous. His effiminate and slender appearance beguiles the legendary assassin he has made himself out to be, that many senior members of the Seven Swordsman were shocked believing this to be a joke. But it was not his appearance that brought about this disbelief but another striking characteristic, the fact that the legendary assassin is crippled.

Bound to a wheelchair, and wreathed in a large kimono and haori that obscures his body whole, his oddly content smile and shining sapphire eyes do little to add to the image of a man who has slain countless shinobi. His vibrant long dark blue hair hangs down to his waist, with a leveled hime-cut style bangs just above his forehead. His sapphire eyes gleam with a warmth and mirth generally unfounded in many. He has a smooth bridge of a nose and thin lips that add contrast to the otherwise soft features of this man.

He moves without escort, his wheelchair moving seemingly by its own violition, and with a distrubing amount of grace and eerie silence. It is larger than most wheelchairs and quite ornate, with large round wheels and intricate designs spread all over. If examined closely enough, one is able to note complex mechanisms in its construction, no doubt the work of a renown puppet master. Furthermore the wood that went into its construction is of the highest quality, sturdy, resiliant and chakra sensivitive, a material found only in the deepest parts of Konoha's forests.

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit



Behind the ScenesEdit

The characters appearance and abilities are greatly inspired by the character "Heartless" in Tony Wong's wuxia comic "The Four Constables".

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