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Samādhi Fire
Name Samādhi Fire
Kanji 三昧火
Classification Offensive
Rank A-rank
Range All ranges
Hand Seals Hands clapped together → Snake → Tiger
Other Jutsu
Samādhi Fire (三昧火, Zanmaika) refers to Hitori Koyama's feat of generating and controlling wind enhanced flames. Hitori has described this technique as the pinnacle of elemental combination that is possible without the aid of a kekkei genkai. While fire can normally be enhanced in terms of heat and destructive potential with wind, Hitori takes this combination to the next level by infusing her fire chakra with wind before her techniques are completely formed. This allows her flames to inherently possess a much greater level of fuel than normal fire chkara, raising their temperature considerably. Furthermore, such a combination, when performed by just any individual, would result in an explosive combination that would be nearly impossible to control. Hitori, on the other hand, possesses the unique ability to manipulate flames outside of the realm of simple fire release techniques. This allows her to maintain the concentration of of her combination flames, allowing them to build up an unnaturally high level of heat in the process. While the completion of this technique is quite costly the result are blindingly white flames which possess heat beyond what can be countered with wind enhanced water techniques, easily melting sand into glass. Hitori has shown to be quite reserved in her usage of this technique, partly due to the required chakra and additionally claiming that it could easily consume more than just her target. When she has been witnessing utilizing the technique it takes the shape similar to either Fire Release: Force of Flames or a linear stream of fire.

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