San'itsu Banashi
San'itsu Banashi
Kanji 散の散逸話

San'itsu Banashi (散の散逸話, Chi no San'itsu-banashi; lit. Land of Lost Tales) is a small island, far located from the five Great Shinobi Nations. They are estranged from the ways and teachings of the aforementioned countries, having refused to listen to the philosophy of the Sage of Six Paths so many yeas ago. In San'itsu Banashi, jutsu are seen as an art form, not as a way of battling. Hence, the island has always stayed out of conflicts and wars, despite the amazing rate of incredibly powerful techniques and bloodline limits present.

Determined to keep their neutrality and belief this way, the island is protected and very loosely governed by a group of skilled swordsmen named the Sakurahei (桜兵, Cherry Blossom Warriors). Even so, the island is very isolated and without a definitive government form, communicating only with others in a trading fashion and being practically void of conflicts.

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The Sakurahei

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Kokoregaku (心描く, to paint the mind);...

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Hikarineru (光練る, to knead the light);...

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Hanayō Nisaku

Hanayō Nisaku (花ように咲く, bloom like a flower);...

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Shimokuromu (真目論む, envision the truth);...

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