The Sand Expeditionary Unit was a Konohagakure assault unit formed by the Third Hokage to set the battlefront in the Land of Wind during the Second Shinobi World War. On their way to the border, the force was ambushed by the very shinobi they were attempting to attack. Caught completely off-guard, the majority of the team was wiped out - only Sannotō Namikaze (the leader of the unit), Sakumo Hatake (second-in-command) and Asura Murakami survived the assault. Despite losing a large number of its members, the team continued on. After a long and grueling mission, the three survivors managed to extract vital information of an all-out attack on Konohagakure. With this information in hand, Konohagakure was capable of holding their own against Sunagakure and repel them without many casualties. The tribulations of the unit are relived in Naruto: The Second War.

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