Sanzen Shodai Nagamichi
Name Sanzen Shodai Nagamichi
Kanji 三善初代長道
Rōmaji Nishikigi
Literal English Three Virtuous Beginnings, Change Ancient Teachings
Other Name(s) Sanzen (三善 Three Virtues)
User(s) Kosenjō Yūyoku

Sanzen Shodai Nagamichi (三善初代長道 Three Virtuous Beginnings, Change Ancient Teachings), otherwise known as Sanzen (三善 Three Virtues) is the name of the blade utilized by Kosenjō Yūyoku in battle, and created by an unnamed, but highly famed sword-smith while she was in her child years. It is a sleek Nodachi with a shining silver blade, it's hilt is of a pure white colour, it's guard being the same color, however it's design is of three bars of a black color. Kosenjō remarks that Sanzen is a highly virtuous blade, and that using him for the wrong purposes is very dangerous to herself.


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