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Name Sarutahiko
Kanji 猿田彦
Range Short
Other Jutsu

Born in the eyes of a Nisshōkirite or an Uchiha, this jutsu is a genjutsu of a higher tier than Tsukuyomi but not as powerful as Izanagi or Kotoamatsukami. This jutsu allows for one to manipulate the will of their opponents by implanting the thoughts of the user into their heads and causing them to think they are their own. With this the user can topple nations and defeat armies without lifting a finger in violence.

This jutsu works by manipulating the power of suggestion and implantation of doubt in the psyche thus forming the ultimate sword, one that doesn't need to harm, but one that causes one to doubt or second guess themselves. By adding the command word to a targets mind after activation the user then places a single thought into their head, causing them to think it was their own, however one with a strong enough will can overcome this mighty mind game.


As this is a Mangekyō jutsu, like Tsukuyomi it can be used by any and all users of the Mangekyō if they choose to unlock this power.