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Scarecrow's Honour
Name Scarecrow's Honour
Kanji 案山子の名誉
Classification Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
Scarecrow's Honour (案山子の名誉, Kakashi no Meiyo) is a powerful lightning technique developed by Nōsei no Mikoto as an attempt to emulate the stories he heard of Kakashi Hatake, particularly the famed shinobi's ability to wield lightning in the palm of his hand. Shirokaze Fuyutama would eventually gain access to this technique through the use of Suzume's Dream Transfer Technique, which allowed the skill's mechanics to be past on to him.


Nōsei's inspiration for this technique is drawn directly from stories he heard about Kakashi Hatake's Lightning Cutter as a child. These stories, which didn't possess intricate information about the technique's composition, left the young Mikoto at much of a loss with regard to how to recreate such a skill. Therefore, in its earliest forms Nōsei had to base Scarecrow's Honour around the glorified descriptions of brilliant blue lightning in the user's hand. Surprisingly, Nōsei was able to cosmetically mimic this at the age of seven, despite the technique lacking any offensive potential outside of a small electric shock. Though incomplete, he mastered a sufficient level of nature and shape manipulation that would serve as the basis for further advancement.

Recognizing the incomplete existence of his creation outside of child's play Nōsei would spend a considerable amount of time over a span of several years, in an attempt to weaponize his mimicry. Steadily increasing the amount and concentration of the chakra to the limits that his own skill and stamina permitted, he was finally able to develop a highly dangerous level of lightning in his early teens. Though despite his apparent completion, he was at a loss of what to do with the immense amount of chakra he could collect in the palm of his hand. Unfortunately, the stories he had heard never covered how exactly Kakashi utilized the concentration of lightning. Usually, it was simplified to simply "striking down" an opponent, leaving a wide range of possibilities. Therefore, Nōsei initially would release the lightning in the form of a high voltage electrical stream directly into a target. With the level of lightning chakra utilized Nōsei was able to generate a shock that neared lethal levels, allowing him to fell most opponents he encountered with a single strike. In fact, this usage of Scarecrow's Honour directly granted him enough recognition to assume control of a small scale criminal organization by the age of fourteen.

Despite his relative success with the technique Nōsei found his technique was not as powerful of a skill as he hoped it would be. Likely the result of aspiring beyond the scope of normalcy he decided to revise his usage of the concentration of lightning to be more lethal. After several months of practice he developed an alternative usage of Scarecrow's Honour, resulting in the ability to cause a wide radius of destruction around the area he struck. While dangerous, Nōsei's accomplishment didn't accord to his vision of Kakashi's skill, leaving him bitter about using it in general. Despite this he was able to develop both a defensive and supplemental utilization of the concentrated lightning.

Over a decade after he had first begun to dabble in the emulation of Kakashi's technique Nōsei came across a simple, yet key, piece of information. More specifically, he learned of the Copy Ninja's supposed feat of splitting a bolt of lightning with his signature technique, Lightning Cutter. After speculating for a mere moment of what kind of lightning would be able to generate a cutting potential, Nōsei immediately drew a connection to lightning nature chakra flow. From this advancement in comprehension Nōsei was finally able to perform Scarecrow's Honour in a way that aligned with his vision.

Description and EffectEdit

Like its inspiration this technique channels and concentrates an incredibly large amount of lightning chakra into the user's hand, passing the threshold for normal visibility. More specifically, Nōsei's performance of this technique generates a dazzling surge of bright blue lightning within his palm. Quite early in his development of the technique he discovered that unaltered chakra could be compressed to a much greater degree than elemental chakra. Nōsei first concentrates a dense mass of chakra in his palm before altering it to lightning nature. Despite this, visually distinguishing the steps in nearly impossible even with enhanced visual abilities, due to the speed these steps are performed. From this point the user can utilize this lightning for a variety of purposes through different feats of chakra control. It should be noted that all of the offensive variations of this skill require direct contact with the intended victim.


The first variation of Scarecrow's Honour that Nōsei created relied upon the natural release of the concentrated energy into the targeted victim. This allowed for a nearly unparalleled electric surge to be channeled into an opponent's body, causing dangerous levels of electric shock. Despite the power of this usage, Nōsei wasn't satisfied and sought a more powerful way to harness the technique's chakra. This led him to his second variation, in which he violently forces the concentrated energy outward upon striking a target. While this uninhibited burst of high frequency chakra still electrocutes to a degree, it is more attuned to shattering solid objects. To this end the technique is much more outwardly destructive, but Nōsei found it to be quite vulgar, and thus incomplete.

For some time Nōsei was unable to gain any ground on completing an offensive variation that met his expectations. Despite this he developed an additional two novel uses of Scarecrow's Honour, granting him useful defensive and supplemental abilities. The first of these side creations was developed when Nōsei fought a powerful lightning release user. Hoping to overpower his opponent with the same element the Mikoto charged the concentrated surge of lightning into his palm. Unfortunately, his opponent had immediately recognized the limited range of such a technique and fired a powerful burst of lightning in the Mikoto's direction. Unable to defend himself with another technique, as he normally would, Nōsei recomposed the concentrated lightning into a dense barrier. Surprisingly, this quick thinking paid off, successfully protecting the Mikoto from nearly all harm. He would later master this variation, demonstrating the ability to shield against most energy based attacks. In addition to his barrier Nōsei learned with an accidental discharge of the concentrated lightning he could disrupt the electromagnetic field of the surrounding area. This disruption could interfere with the performance lightning release techniques, including his own, electronic devices, and chakra sensory for a limited time. Unlike the offensive variations of Scarecrow's Honour the defensive and supplemental versions don't necessitate the high level chakra. Though, this depends on the extent of their performance, especially in the case of the barrier.

After over a decade of performing Scarecrow's Honour Nōsei learned of the Kakashi supposed cutting through a bolt of lightning with his signature technique. With this key piece of information Nōsei was able to finally develop a variant that met his expectations. Instead of releasing the concentrated chakra when he struck a target, the Mikoto instead maintain its concentration throughout the strike. By doing this Nōsei was now able to impale or pierce nearly all materials with a charging thrust, though moving at extreme speed beforehand is also extremely beneficial. Achieving a level of attack that he felt was worthy of his idol's name, Nōsei finally named his technique as an homage to the shinobi who inspired much of his career.


Much like its inspiration nearly all of the incarnations of Scarecrow's Honour necessitate large amount of chakra in order to properly perform. While this is true, Nōsei hasn't demonstrated a particular daily limit on utilizing this technique. Despite this, usage of this technique in rapid succession causes the user's chakra control to diminish, effectively decreasing their efficiency of stamina conservation. This is likely in direct response to the level that Nōsei pushes the technique, causing it to strain even the most skilled individuals. Therefore, Nōsei is quite reserved in his usage of this technique, reserving it for key moments. Lastly, in his final incarnation of this technique Nōsei must utilize his dōjutsu in order to counteract the subsequent tunnel vision. Shirokaze overcomes this effect through the usage of his sensory abilities, allowing him to compensate for the limitation of his eyes.

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