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Scorch Release: Desert Sun Murder
Name Scorch Release: Desert Sun Murder
Other Jutsu

Scorch Release: Desert Sun Murder' is an offensive jutsu made possible by Ikki Yama's advance training to master his advance chakra nature Bloodline and is consider to be a A rank jutsu. This jutsu focuses on harnessing the power of the Sun. Using Scorch Release to form a semi large Sphere About the size of three feet width the user holds the sphere about an inch above there open palm and points it at what ever they select as a target.

After selecting a single target the sphere moving on its own acts like a heat seeking missile following the target tell the target is killed. Following the heat signature given off by the body the sphere can follow that single target even if they run away or put up a barrier. As the sphere hits the target it raises the temperature of the body so fast that it evaporates all the water inside the human body turning them into a mummified state.

Known Users Edit

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