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Scorch Release: Scorch Clone
Name Scorch Release: Scorch Clone
Other Jutsu

Scorch Release: Desert Sun Murder' is an offensive jutsu made possible by Ikki Yama's advance training to master his advance chakra nature Bloodline and is consider to be a c rank jutsu. This jutsu focuses on harnessing the powers of the users advance chakra nature. Using Scorch Release to form a Single humanoid body the clone can interacts with its environment and even pass for a human if the clone is not destroyed.

In a combat situation the clone is able to use its own body to fight of anyone around it. By simply touching an object the clone is able to evaporate any liquid in that object effectively turning the object into a husk of drain up skin. But using this skill uses chakra and it will release the clone into steam once all the Chakra is used. Limited to two clones.

This clone jutsu is restricted also by all the rules of the clone jutsu.

Known Users Edit

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