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Scorch Release: Steaming Prison
Name Scorch Release: Steaming Prison
Other Jutsu

Scorch Release: Steaming Prison' is an offensive jutsu made possible by Ikki Yama's advance training to master his advance chakra nature Bloodline and is consider to be a B rank jutsu. This technique is used to trap a victim inside a virtually inescapable sphere of Scorch chakra. By expanding a ball of Scorch chakra around a target the target inside is unable to escape by any form of brute force if they hit the inner layer of the sphere it will trigger the sphere to raise the temperature inside tell the victim inside is reduce to nothing but a husk of dried up skin and bones.

The user of this jutsu can trap a target and move away with no need to place a hand on the sphere like water prison jutsu where it is needed to keep a hand inside the sphere to trap a target. From the outside the sphere the outer layer has a large amount of active scorch chakra that will harm anyone or anything that gets to close to it.

Known Users Edit

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